We let you customize your cooler or refrigerator how you want. We offer a large variety of coolers and refrigerators, so your custom-made freezer can be constructed to suit your needs. Cool Master builds walk in coolers, flower coolers, reach in freezers, and many more. If you need a customized cooler or freezer, bring your ideas to us. We can design and create your custom freezer the way you want it. Cool Master has composed specialized coolers for restaurants (we build restaurant refrigerators), pharmacies, gas stations, grocery shops, and meat stores & Commercial refrigerator Canada.


Cool Master cooler designs are so expendable, they can be specialized to be installed within your vehicle. You can have a cooler or freezer in your vehicle, great for preserving any goods you may need. We also offer cool doors, so you can preserve the temperature in a room to keep your products preserved and refreshed & Walk in refrigerator commercial.

We also create a wide assortment of cool doors that can suit your requirements of being able to contain and maintain the temperature inside of the room. All of the doors are “KASON” hardware. Here are some types of cool doors that we provide:

Sliding doors

All *KASON* hardware

Manual slider has auto assist closing option

Viewport window

I-Locking devices

Stainless Steel,Galvanized or Aluminium kick-plate

Our manual sliding doors have an auto assist closing option, and is available in stainless steel, galvanized, or aluminum kick-plate. It also contains a viewport window and I-Locking devices.

Single Doors (Hinge door)

From 34″ upto required size

Smooth or Embossed finish

Pre-painted metal

All *KASON* hardware

Infitting and Overlap

3″ cooler and 4″ Freezer

These single cool doors start at 34”, and can go to whatever size you need it to be. We do whatever we can to keep our customers satisfied! You have the choice of having a smooth or embossed finish on the cool doors. The metal is pre-painted to reduce rust. In-fitting and overlap will be done.

Bi-parting double hinge doors

Cooler/ freezer door

Width 60″/ 72″/ 84″/ 96″ or customs

Pre-painted metal

All *KASON* hardware

Infitting and Overlap

3″ cooler and 4″ Freezer

walk in cooler doors

Our double hinge cool doors can be customized for a cooler or freezer. Our common widths for these cool doors are 60”, 72”, 84”, and 96”, but you can have it custom-made to be whatever width you need it to be! The metal will be pre-painted in order to reduce rust.

Coolmaster is the leading global manufacturer of Commercial coolers, cool doors, Walk In Storage, Commercial freezers, sliding doors and walk in freezer Canada.